Meet The Team At Bay Funding

Over 15 Years Of Real Estate Experience

Our real estate background makes us the perfect financial partner

Patrick Freeze Headshot

Bay Funding was founded by Patrick Freeze. Patrick has been in the real estate business for the last 15+ years, and has tremendous experience in the industry. He currently oversees a property management company with 5,500 units and over 180 employees.

Here at Bay Funding, we understand your business because we are in your business. We can evaluate a deal very quickly to determine if it will be the right fit for both sides.

Unlike banks or other more conventional lenders who have strict guidelines, Bay Funding works much more effectively and efficiently. We underwrite deals from a common sense approach and handle every aspect of your loan in-house.

This is why we are truly a “partner” and not just a “lender” throughout your entire project.

Why Choose Us As Your Lender?


Industry Experience

We have several thousand properties under our belt, between property management and investment properties.


Fast, Quality Service

We can typically fund a loan within 48 hours as long as all of the required documents have been sent to us.


Expert Resources

Our team is ready to help make sure you structure your deals effectively and profitably. 

We Serve The Mid-Atlantic Area

We’ve served the Mid-Atlantic area for many years now and our keen ability to know which real estate opportunities are good and which ones are bad makes us one of the best hard money lenders.

By sharing our extensive expertise with our borrowers, we help protect our borrowers from undue risk and direct them to outstanding financial returns.

Take a look at a few of our recently funded projects.

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